Split Piece


amuse-bouche's third album, Split Piece marks the first collaboration solely between members Andrew Atkin and Michael Simonelli, tracked over the course of a weekend. Short stream of consciousness performances form a wild and noir-ish narrative. The album combines the immediacy of jazz and improvised music, the logic and structural coherency of modern compositional idioms, and the textures of pop and rock music. The result is a one–of–a–kind experience with production and instrumentation sharing space and telling a complex story


What Selling Out Is and Why It Feels Bad

Cody Westphal

Quirky humor, wit, charm and earnestness find their home alongside timeless themes of love and loss in Cody Westphal's debut album, What Settling Out Is and Why It Feels Bad. 

With contributions from the whole Full Stop staff — Andrew Atkin, Jason Oberholtzer and Michael Simonelli— along with longtime Full Stop collaborator, bassist John Murchison, Cody's songs shine in an eclectic offering ranging from quiet acoustic arrangements to full-out 90's nostalgia squealing guitars. 

In their first ever performance as a duo, recorded one evening at First Baptist Church of White Plains, John Murchison (bass) and Jason Oberholtzer (piano) embark on a journey to locations both spacious and intimate, spirited and longing, evoking wild science fiction landscapes and the cold edges of space.

Classical guitarists Joseph Ricker and Jamie Balmer perform repertoire spanning the past 700 years, including two new works written specifically for this, their fourth studio release. Featuring electric guitars (as opposed to traditional nylon-stringed acoustic), the arrangements demonstrate the textural and sonic possibilities of choosing tubes over nylon.

Come Holy Ghost combines traditional Anglican choral writing with indie-rock and jazz sensibilities to form a dark and meditative exploration of spirituality. Written for the 150th anniversary of Trinity Church, Hartford CT and featuring the Trinity Church Choir, the album was recorded entirely on site, capturing the spirit and sound of the historic building.

amuse-bouche’s debut album combines tightly woven compositional tapestries with the harmonic and improvisatory languages of jazz and rock. A continually evolving and propulsive interplay of strings, vibraphone, piano, winds, drums, and bass.