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Hello Fans, Friends, and Family

Hope you’re enjoying the foliage. There are many exciting things in the works at Full Stop that we want to share with you.

Split Piece is here!

Split Piece is like watching a movie! It’s fun! It’s film noir! The new offering from amuse-bouche is a roller coaster of an album. Short stream of consciousness performances form a wild and noir-ish narrative. The album combines the immediacy of jazz and improvised music, the logic and structural coherency of modern compositional idioms, and the textures of pop and rock music. The result is a one–of–a–kind experience with production and instrumentation sharing space and telling a complex story

To match the complexity of the album, we are offering three ways for you savor:

  • CD
  • MP3
  • An audiophile version in 24-bit .wav file, with an alternative master, broken into 4 sides, similar to vinyl 

Stream the album now, then choose what works for you!

Speaking of movies ...

A few films we've been working on are making their premieres this fall. 

  • Bushwick Film Festival selection, Bluebeard — the newest from filmmaker Rachel Garber Cole — made it's debut last month (check out the trailer)
  • Molly Mayor, by Nick Weiss-Richmond saw it's first screening for friends and family last month 

Both films were scored by Michael Simonelli, and feature contributions from Full Stop collaborators Chris Devoe and Cecca Caviglia. 

Podcasts more your style?

At the end of the summer, Jason Oberholtzer linked up with the team from Storythings and How We Get To Next to bring author Steven Johnson's first podcast to life. 

The ongoing project — edited and sound designed by Jason — is focused on how moments of playful exploration have changed the world, and can be found at wonderland.audio 

A good opener for this crowd might be Episode 3Strange Loops and Circuit Benders (Or, How New Music Comes from Broken Machines), which features interviews with Brian Eno, Caroline Shaw, New Yorker music critic Alex Ross and more.

New work from Andrew Atkin coming along

Last winter, Andrew spent a few days cooped up in cabin in New Hampshire with a bunch of instruments and recording gear, and began tracking an album.

The album is now in the mixing stage, and Andrew has been availing himself of the desk our friends at Northfire recording studio (Amherst, MA) have available for mixing.

The clips sound great and we are looking forward to finishing this album up and getting it out to you guys next year.

On the Horizon

There's more fun stuff coming up!

  • Nap Lajoy's debut album Host is making strides toward completion
  • amuse-bouche began early experiments for a new album built on soundscapes recorded at Trinity Episcopal Church in Hartford CT, where they recorded their 2013 choral jazz release, Come Holy Ghost
  • And there's a few other secret projects of different shapes and sizes in the works, so stay tuned!

We are so grateful for all you wonderful people with whom we can share our projects. Wishing you all health and happiness.

Andrew, Jason & Michael