Full Stop Art



Our clients range from the corporate (Mattel, Fisher-Price, CBS, etc.) to the small independent artist, to everything in between. 

Our mobile setup lets us bring the studio to you. Record in a familiar and comfortable environment. Prefer a fully-equipped studio setting? There's a few spaces that we really enjoy working out of. Tell us about your project!

Email: info@fullstopart.com

Creative Audio Production

  • Production and Arrangement for Artists/Songs/Albums
  • Music and Sound Design for Ads/Podcasts/Video/Internet/Shows/Film

Recording Studio Services

  • On-site/mobile recording for Concerts/Bands/Ensembles/Choirs/Auditions
  • On-site/mobile dialogue recording for Podcasts/Dialogue/Ads
  • Mixing for Albums or Individual Tracks
  • Production for Albums or Individual Tracks
  • Sound Mixing and Editing for Podcasts/Video/Ads/Film
  • Vocal Tuning


  • Cleaning up Dialogue
  • Removing Room/Ambient Noise
  • Improving poorly Recorded Material
  • Removing Imperfections hiss/clicks/mouth noise